39 Trips Around The Sun

7/4 Tue If you want to be heard, listen. If you want to grow, get uncomfortable. If you want to live, let go. dlh My last few trips around the sun have been life altering. My view of the world & my place in it continue to shift tremendously. Today, I am no longer in [...]


Miss Werz

My best girl, You've been gone almost a month.  My heart swells and deflates whenever I think of you and your sweet face.   I can still feel your soft, fluffy scarf in my hands.  Hear your happy feet on the hard floor.  Smell your stinky yawns.   I miss it all.  Every single thing.   [...]

La La Land-iversary

Dear Londann, I celebrate my one-year La La Land-iversary in the snow of the Swiss Alps. The excitement, frustration, proud achievements and terror of the last 365+ days have been a result of recognizing unwanted habits and patterns in my life and the desire to seek healthy challenges that have - hands down - made [...]