Miss Werz

My best girl, You've been gone almost a month.  My heart swells and deflates whenever I think of you and your sweet face.   I can still feel your soft, fluffy scarf in my hands.  Hear your happy feet on the hard floor.  Smell your stinky yawns.   I miss it all.  Every single thing.   [...]

La La Land-iversary

Dear Londann, I celebrate my one-year La La Land-iversary in the snow of the Swiss Alps. The excitement, frustration, proud achievements and terror of the last 365+ days have been a result of recognizing unwanted habits and patterns in my life and the desire to seek healthy challenges that have - hands down - made [...]

Big Life Steps

It's good to hit the reset button on your life every so often.  To focus on your path and reassess the direction.  I hit the reset button at the end of 2013 after lots of life events occurred. My niece / goddaughter, Londann was born!  I quit my job.  My Mima passed away.  I started [...]