Big Life Steps

It’s good to hit the reset button on your life every so often.  To focus on your path and reassess the direction.  I hit the reset button at the end of 2013 after lots of life events occurred.

My niece / goddaughter, Londann was born!  I quit my job.  My Mima passed away.  I started a business.  Broke up with my boyfriend.  And I decided to seize an opportunity in California and move there.

Moving across the country!  A BIG life step.  To leave friends and family and the comfort of Jersey.  To leave home.

Londann & me pool

A recent goal of mine has been to inspire people.  I want to light a fire in people in a positive way that opens their thinking and to challenge them.  This has helped ME grow also.  But this is not something you can do by talking a talk.

So I think about Londann.  This amazing little combination of my brother and best friend from 8th grade.  She is the coolest little baby girl.  Smart and curious and adorable.  And since it’s not in the plan to have children of my own, I  hope I can inspire HER the most.

It is a big life step to move across the country.  It’s exciting and full of opportunity!  But in these days preparing I’ve discovered how extremely hard it is too.  VERY emotional.

But I think about the stories, the lessons of rejections and victory I will have to share with Londann as she grows into the incredible person I know she will be.  And so I go… for me… and for her.

I’m in the midst of an uncharacteristic “no plan” plan and it is with bittersweetness that I leave New Jersey before Londann’s 1st birthday next month.  I’m saddened by the fact that I will miss many other “firsts” and milestones.  However, during a little pizza night with my brother and sister-in-law on Londann’s 11-month birthday I got to witness her taking her very first steps!!  How perfect.  How truly sweet.

So I dedicate my journey to my Little Lady Londann.  As we take big life steps together.

Dear Londann…



  1. Watching a baby learn to walk always makes me cry!!!! Its so exciting and also means the baby turns into a little person. Thanks for sharing and i wish you all the best on your new adventure!

  2. So happy to be there with you as you take your first steps. So alike in so many ways! I drove this trip 24 years ago almost to the day … There’s a reason I’m going again this time and a reason it’s with you girl!! Lets do this! 🙂 xo

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