Get Busy Living. Or Get Busy Dying.

Dear Londann,

I recently returned to LA from a glorious and necessary 8-day trip home to Jersey.  I got to spend some priceless quality time with you… dancing, swinging, playing, eating, TALKING (my goodness!), pool time, bath time, birthday breakfast and lots of kisses and high fives.  And witnessing the well oiled machine that is your parents!

Londann & Me - Waiting for Daddy

Approaching mid-July, I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be when I headed west almost 6 months ago.  But what did I really know at that time?

What I did know is that I’m a smart and motivated girl – ok, woman – and that I could make anything work no matter what.  We really can do anything.  So when I woke up a few days ago “without a purpose” I thought: Ok it’s go time.  Time to make it work.


Craigslist can be a creepy and awesome place.  I don’t even know what search criteria I used but I ended up finding a variety of opportunities that matched my wide range of skills and interests.  (It’s not the only engine I used, but I’ll save that for another day.)

Catering help needed at a 400-person Hollywood wedding in August – sign me up!

The Do Good Bus needs an event facilitator for chartered volunteer work – where do I board!?

An independent director needs video footage trimmed down for his next documentary – this girl is ready to render!

Pool Time with her PretzelTwo days and about 20 custom cover letters later, I met four new people and have the next three days filled with an interview with an event planning company, a bus trip to a hip new animal shelter, and a second meeting with a fresh, talented director who’s going to show me some video editing tricks.


I’ve learned that there is pure comfort most take for granted when you have a steady job and income.  You don’t have to worry about paying rent or putting gas in your car at $4.15/gallon (these are big “duhs” of course) or meeting up with a new friend for a drink. (How many can I really afford to have? Ugh, I’ll just stay home.)

When you freelance or take the entrepreneurial path, it’s your job to look for a job.  Every.  Day.  Your father said that to me just over a year ago when I quit my job.  You have to accept that fact and not necessarily be comfortable with it.  And you need to be motivated.  I’m still figuring out if the stresses that go along with taking on new and exciting projects are really worth it.

I’m not quite used to the non-plan plan yet.  Living week to week or even day to day.  I have always said the grass is never greener.  But sometimes you just have to see for yourself to really gain the best understanding of what green is.  And hey, you just may discover 30 new shades of green you never even knew existed!Princess Robe After Bath Time

Talking with Aunt Darlene on the phone the other day, she said, “We’re all just taking in new information in order to make the best decisions to move forward.”  Truth! If you’re not taking in new information, how are you learning and growing and LIVING?  If you’re not challenging yourself and testing your courage and strength, how are you becoming your best self?

What I’m doing with my life is not for everyone.  This path, whatever it is, is not for the faint of heart.  What it has done for me so far is allowed me to continue shedding the layers of myself that I don’t like or need.  And make room for the muscles I do need to truly conquer this life.  Because really, if you’re not busy living… you’re just busy dying.

Love and kisses,
Aunt Danielle (aka Aunt Yeah Yeah)



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