Miss Werz

My best girl,

You’ve been gone almost a month.  My heart swells and deflates whenever I think of you and your sweet face.   I can still feel your soft, fluffy scarf in my hands.  Hear your happy feet on the hard floor.  Smell your stinky yawns.   I miss it all.  Every single thing.

IMG_0939     IMG_4274     IMG_7375     IMG_1600

I even miss stressing out when I hear thunder, so used to wondering if you’re freaking out at home, tearing up the closet or the rugs.  I miss you tripping me around the house because you never left my side.

For ten whole years, you never left my side.  I’ve never been so sad in my entire life.


Can you believe it?  Over a decade of me and you, puppy girl.  You moved with me three times to three states, saw me through career changes, big accomplishments, major disappointments, heartaches, and you helped me chase a great life.  You were my constant through everything.  IMG_0047

Words really can’t express the deep gratitude I have for your companionship.

IMG_5360You were only 6 weeks old when I met you.  And you were the best surprise ever.  You had my heart from that first day home.

Of course I would call you “Jersey”.

Do you remember when you used to jump in the shower with me at the condo in Bristol? How about the first time you rang the bell on the back doorknob to go outside?  IMG_9720

I’m not sure who learned more from all the training we did together.  You learned “tricks” and I learned discipline.  You made me so proud.

You learned your left from your right in one summer.  Talk about proud!  There you were, picking up commands like all your smart border collie friends!  It’s because of you that I met so many great humans too.

IMG_7347Jersey showed me she was capable of things I never thought she could do.

Some of my favorite days with you were those that left my Jeep filled with sand, salt water and dog hair.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.IMG_8379

You taught me the importance of figuring out my priorities and how to make sacrifices.  You taught me so much.  I continue to learn lessons from you, even with you gone.

The impact that your gentle sweetness had on people is undeniable.  I was amazed at everyone who reached out to me about your passing.  You touched so many!  I am so very moved by the love and support.

If I can have even half the impact on people that my dog had on them, I will die a happy human.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.02.22 PM  Werz BC group lineup  IMG_0372  IMG_9558

Towards the end, I no longer found your hair everywhere because you stopped shedding. You were not afraid of thunder, the vacuum, fireworks, or being left alone anymore.  It almost seemed like heaven on earth for you. Werz tongue beach IMG_8927

To be honest, seeing you so calm was a little strange.  But it made me happy.  I got to see you living peacefully.  And being able to hold you tight as you entered eternal rest was also very peaceful.  And actually very beautiful.

My sweet puppy girl, Miss Werz.  Thank you.  You were the love of my life.  And it was an absolute HONOR to be your human.




























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