39 Trips Around The Sun


7/4 Tue

If you want to be heard, listen.
If you want to grow, get uncomfortable.
If you want to live, let go.


My last few trips around the sun have been life altering. My view of the world & my place in it continue to shift tremendously.

img_6097-2Today, I am no longer in search of the Wizard of Oz, for I am a character from the story, having all the answers — courage, patience, judgment — inside me.



Today I project clarity on my country, the planet & the human race. I remind myself to step back. Zoom out. Look inside. (And wear sunscreen.)

Today I feel aligned with the universe, vibrating on all the right frequencies alongside the light of so many beautiful souls. We shine on each other as we orbit. (Yes! We are in orbit if you’re reading!)

img_9991-2You’ve heard the truth hurts? Yes ma’am, it does. But I will continue on my yellow brick road seeking truth within myself anyway, because growth only occurs when I get uncomfortable.

Equilibrium is so simple! What you want, you must give. I want to be heard, & so now I listen.

I practice gratitude (thank you!) even when I struggle to open my heart & receive the tools to be a bright(er) light for others.
My birthday wish for YOU is to be honest with yourself. The Universe–aka-God–aka-The Wizard–aka-Yourself is listening.

Much love & light ✌️❤️☀️✨🙏



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