Big Life Steps

It's good to hit the reset button on your life every so often.  To focus on your path and reassess the direction.  I hit the reset button at the end of 2013 after lots of life events occurred. My niece / goddaughter, Londann was born!  I quit my job.  My Mima passed away.  I started … Continue reading Big Life Steps


How Bad Do You Want It?

How BAD do you want it?  How bad do YOU want it?  How bad do you WANT it?  How bad do you want IT? We only do what we really WANT to do.  I really want that job, that car, guy, girl, money, vacation, whatever.  Realizing what it is we want is usually the easy … Continue reading How Bad Do You Want It?

Always KNOCK on a closed door.

Typically, doors are closed for a reason.   Privacy.  Confidentiality.  Noise.  Keeping you - and whatever is on the outside of it - OUT.  Think of your boss' door.  A bedroom door.  A public bathroom door. You wouldn't just open the front door to someone's house, right?  Proper "life etiquette" tells us to knock first. … Continue reading Always KNOCK on a closed door.